Social Security strategy for the non-dependent

“Many high-net-worth investors ignore one of the most powerful financial-planning tools available to them: Social Security,” writes Ash Ashluwalia in this past Monday’s Wall Street Journal.

He caught my attention. I’ve been assuming the system’s demise–and seeking to make alternative plans–since the mid-1980s, when I first learned from Dr. Gary North about how the program is really a Ponzi scheme and is going to fail, one way or another.

Dr. North pointed to comments by then-Sen. William Proxmire during a 1976 hearing. I have bolded the most relevant part: (more…)

Setting Goals: Estate Planning

estate planning worksheet

Estate plans are vital. And everyone should have one. Just be sure you’re covering your bases. My experience says even highly competent estate planning attorney will fail to ask important questions. So you need to ask some of these questions yourself . . . and be prepared to direct your attorney in ways he or she might not normally think to go or, perhaps, never has gone before!