I’ve been following Darren Hardy for not quite three weeks, now. And this was his message this morning:

And my response (posted in public)?

Oh! …Oh! … Oh! NO!!! CAN I actually make my website work and post a first post? . . . It will be UGLY. It will lack brand IDENTITY. It will be TERRIBLE. (Though I would feel good about the quality of the post.)


But I need to DO IT. . . . And I HAVEN’T done it . . . for all the “reasons” stated.

Okay. Just DO IT, John! (I will have to report back tomorrow.)


I’m going to DO it.

Twenty minutes later, I’m listening to Eben Pagan in his The Virtual CEO training program.

“Close your eyes and talk to that part of you that is holding you back,” he said. “Ask it, ‘Why are you holding me back? Why are you preventing my success?’ –And wait for its answer.

“Then, do the same for that part of you that is pursuing success. Ask it, ‘What needs to happen so we can achieve success in life?’ –And wait for its answer.”

Note: Pagan did say “we”–I expect because I was asking that part of me about the two of us: how would we achieve success. . . . Though what he said a moment later may imply that he was actually talking about all three of us: me, it (the part that is pursuing success) and the part that is holding me back.

Well . . . After engaging in those two conversations (in which the parts of me did respond; and I wrote down their answers!), Pagan urged me to sit both parts down, side by side, and ask them to have a conversation. Have them talk about how they can work together.

So here’s a transcript of those conversations . . . which led to this site finally being released to the public . . . and this, my first post on Ready2Prosper:

John to the part that is preventing my success: “Why are you holding me back? Why are you preventing my success?”

Success Preventer: “I want you to look good. I don’t want you to have to apologize for messing up. . . . I am afraid you will say something [stupid, uneducated, wrong] that might hurt someone else.”

John to the part that is pursuing success: “What needs to happen so we can achieve success in life?”

Success Pursuer: “You need to FOCUS. Do ONE thing at a time . . . for an extended period.

  • Get rid of distractions. Outlook / email: OFF during much of the day.
  • Let things go BEFORE you’re convinced they are ready. . . .”

Success Preventer: “OUCH!!!!! I LIKE being—no, I LOVE being . . . I can hardly stand NOT to be—the perfectionist; the one who gets the A, the perfect grade, the best.”

!!!! —Truth will out!

And so . . . the conclusion to that conversation–the part where the two sides had to speak to one another?

Success Preventer (after a moment’s pause): “I see that the only LEGITIMATE part of my objection is the concern about hurting someone. And I can ‘let that go’ as long as you publish everything with appropriate legal disclaimers and warnings. For example, even though you are expressing what you are convinced is true, you need always to tell readers:

  • Seek your own personal counsel. (In an abundance of counselors, there is safety. —Prov 11:14)
  • Be skeptical—not only of others, but of me and my counsel!
  • Ask questions. ALWAYS. Don’t assume your advisor (including this one!) has explained things accurately, well, or usefully to YOU.
  • I am NOT offering personal directives or personal advice.
  • . . . .”

Success Pursuer: “That is reasonable. . . . So . . . as long as I make sure I include those kinds of disclaimers, are you saying you’ll be okay?”

Success Preventer: “YES.”

Success Pursuer: “Okay.”

And they looked at each other and said, “LET’S DO IT!”

Well. That’s my story. And I’m sticking to it.

Welcome to Ready2Prosper.

Two postscripts:

My mentor Dr. Ralph D. Winter used to say, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly.” —I think that fits.

Robert Kiyosaki talks about why ‘A’ students have such a hard time finding success. It’s because they’ve been conditioned to believe that there is one “right” answer. And if you miss it, you are wrong, you’re a failure. —I see how I was conditioned. —I guess I need to confess and repent: I need to become a recovering A student!


Prepare yourself for prosperity. #Ready2Prosper